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Ultralight Chain Guide

Ultralight Chain Guide

This chain guide is made with a selective laser sintering 3d printing at It's intended to be used on XC or AM mountain bikes with single chainring setup.

Nylon Plastic
Chainring size
Chainline range
48-51 mm
Seat tube clamp size
31.8 mm or 34.9 mm
18-20 g

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Select clamp size:

Currently only 31.8mm and 34.9mm clamps are available, other sizes will come soon.

Select clamp type:

Some full suspension frames (GT Force for example) feature special short tube for a front derailleur mounting instead of seat tube. There is no need for two-part hinge clamp on such frames as clamp can be installed from the end of the tube. So here is a One Piece clamp type which is slightly lighter and stronger but suits only such frames with special front derailleur tube.

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This will get you the plastic parts. For a final assembly, you'll need a two metric M5 nuts and a screws. See Assembly Instructions for details.

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