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Ultralight Chain Guide Produced by selective laser sintering 3d printing Just add mounting nuts and screws Different clamp options Weights only 18g! Strong enough for all-mountain use

Seat tube mounted chain device with amazing 18 g weight yet strong enough to survive all-mountain use.

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34.9mm seat tube mount version is ready

New 34.9 mm seat tube mount size is available for Ultralight Chain Guide.

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Prototypes story, part 3: Breakage and Repair

How first prototype was broken and got repaired with extrusion-type 3d printing process.

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Ultralight Chain Guide after a month of mud riding

A month of riding in muddy and rainy weather is ended and a snow season is here. Time for some new photos. Here is how my Ultralight looks right now:

It's unpainted so in wet and muddy conditions it can become dirty very quickly. You should consider painting it if rains are regular on your trails.

Prototypes Story, part 2: Fixing Flaws

First chainguide version flaws and their fixes.

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Chainguide Prototypes, part 1

This is a story about my previous chainguide designs and their evolution into the Ultralight Chainguide.

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Durability and Test Results for Ultralight Chain Guide

Just added durability and test results report page.

Durability of Ultralight Chain Guide

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Ultralight Chain Guide Available

Carrot Tread presents: Ultralight 3D Printed Chain Guide is available to order. It looks cool, works fine and weights only 18g!

Order and follow Instructions to assemble and install it on your bike.